Preserving the Good

For hundreds of years, Tibetan carpets have protected people from the cold and brought comfort to every room. Handcrafted by people for people using 100% natural materials. Neither the displacement of the Tibetan people from their home country nor advances in manufacturing technology have changed this. In the end, quality and value prevail!

RUMDEN ART is the result of a long journey, my journey. It took me around half the globe and has brought me to very remote places. It has taught me a great deal and time and again it surprised me with new perspectives on life. Throughout this journey emerged what remains important to me in this ever changing world: to preserve what has been proven to be good for us.

RUMDEN ART is my way of living up to this. It is a contribution which benefits everyone involved and preserves something good: the shepherds in Tibet have a livelihood; the weavers in Nepal have an income, access to health care and education for their children; the Master Weavers have the opportunity to preserve and continually refine the ancient art of Tibetan carpet weaving even in exile , and you will have a unique Masterpiece of best quality which fills your home with warmth and comfort and the contentment for having contributed to preserve something good.